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10 lb Bulk Bag Large Beef Knuckle For Dogs

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Our Beef Knuckle Bones are the ultimate high-value treat for Large & Extra Large dog breeds. Raw bones offer many benefits for dogs, including acting as natures toothbrush, helping to clean your dog's teeth. By providing your dog with regular recreational bone activity you can help your dog maintain cleaner teeth & fresher breath the all-natural way! -Large Knuckle Bones range from 1.5- 2.5 lbs each and are designed for Medium & Large Breed Dogs. Supervise your dog at all times when chewing recreational raw bones. Limit react to recreational raw bone chewing to no more than 2-3 times per week & 30-60 minutes per session. If your dog is food aggressive, limit bone activity to a supervised private location separate from other animals. Be sure to refreeze or refrigerate bones that still have marrow and meat left. You should refreeze the bone if it will be several days before it's chew time again.