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Natural Skunk Odor Eliminator 120mL

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Soos Skunk Odor Eliminator will get rid of that skunk odor naturally. This probiotic blend when added to water eats odor causing bacteria!

Directions: Mix 1 part of Skunk Odor Eliminator in 3 parts warm water. Do not make more than you will use in 7 days.

For Pets: Sponge on animal avoiding eyes and mouth. For best results try to keep your pet wet for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and let air dry. Repeat if necessary.

Around home: Saturate (don’t flood) affected areas by spraying diluted solution liberally then let air dry.

Upholstery & Fabric: Saturate (don’t flood) affected material then cover with a damp, white, cotton cloth and let air dry. Repeat if necessary.


Safe to use on any surface not prone to water damage, including carpet, furniture, collars, leashes, kennels, bedding, and vehicle interiors. Before using always test for colorfastness by applying to a hidden area. Do not use sanitizers or disinfectants 6 hours before or after treatment as they will make the product ineffective


Ingredients: Water, Naturally occurring Bacteria/Enzyme Blend, Readily Biodegradable Stain Dispersing Agent, Natural Fragrance